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Do Pets go to Heaven

Do Pets go to Heaven?

This question is highly debated and does not have a simple answer. The best way for me to address this issue is to start with a true story that I believe will help settle this debate.

This story begins with our first litter of Afghan Hounds. We had chosen the kennel name “Abba” because I believed that the dogs belonged to God and through Christ’s payment on the cross that we can now have such a close relationship with Him that we can call him Abba, an Aramaic term that means papa.

We had bred these dogs for showing but one grabbed my heart at 4 weeks old, and win or loose she was chosen to stay with us. Her registered name was “Abba’s Precious Promises” and we called her Shannon. May sound strange but she became the replacement for the daughter that I could not have. At the age of 2 years old it was discovered that she had a genetic problem with her immune system and it was suggested by the vet’s that she be put to sleep. I dug in my heels and asked for other options and the only alternative would mean a life long battle with questionable results.

There was no question in my mind she was worth the fight. We left her at the Veterinarian University for her first treatment and began the prayer vigil for her recovery. Weeks later she had improved enough to come home and we began to medicate her at home on a routine basis.

She was an exceptional dog that by most standards would qualify as the perfect pet. To give you a sample of her unusual qualities I will tell you about one thing she did. To settle a debate of which of her two owners she would protect, a skit was played out to test her response as one owner acted out the part of being hurt by the hitting of the other owner. Shannon first tried to paw and barked at the one throwing the punches, when that had no effect she put her head in the place of the impact and closed her eyes as she waited to receive the hit. Her choice to take the hit rather than attacking the one doing the hitting was unbelievable.

Over the next few years there were many ups and downs. She kept me on my knees in prayer and I witnessed many miracles with her. At one point I realized that every time I stopped praying for her she would get sick so I began to praise God for the healthy days and she quit getting sick.

During the years that followed my husband at that time, (not Larry) had become more controlling and emotionally abusive. He made me feel like I was stupid, unlovable and worthless. Shannon had become a true companion and helped keep me from feeling alone in the world. She knew when I was down and would come and sit beside me. Often I would cry on her shoulder and then pray while hugging her.

The last year of her life had a couple of near losses before the battle was over. She was 10 years old and I refused to let go. I believed that God could heal her and had seen it happen many times before but this time my prayers hit a brick wall. After she was dead and buried in the ground I continued to sit by her grave grieving her loss and feeling like God had abandoned me.

Three days after she died I was still sitting by her grave when God asked me to let her go in peace. I confessed that I did not understand how I could hold her from peace. I knew that pastors have said that there are no dogs in heaven. I confessed my anger with God because I knew he controlled life and death and He had allowed her to die. I felt betrayed by God because I knew He knew how much she meant to me. He told me that it was time for her to leave and He had been preparing me for this but I refused to listen. He showed me the times He had tried to prepare me and asked me to trust Him and give her over to him.

The Lord explained that she had done what she was supposed to do, she had suffered in this life and that she would no longer feel any pain. He reminded me that He was the one that created us and knew what was best. He told me that He knew how much I loved her and that He loved her too. He was aware that she had been the link that kept me going through the dark days and then showed me that it was through Him that all good things come and that I should lean on him through the dark days ahead.

I was reminded how much God loves to give gifts to his children even more than our earthly father can imagine. If I could just trust Christ, she would be waiting for me in heaven. He asked me to put my faith in Him for all things including the subject concerning Shannon. I answered yes and said goodbye to Shannon. The Holy Spirit comforted me as I sat there in awe of the depths of His love and thankful I was not alone.

There is a Christian song that I love called “Imagine”. The words to the song talk about being able to imagine what we will do when we see Christ face to face. Will we jump for joy or fall to our knees? Will we sing for joy or be silent? I am sure that seeing Christ will fill my every need and desire and being with Christ in heaven is enough. It still blows me away to know that God loves us so much that he will give us more than we can imagine, just because He enjoys giving good gifts to His children.

Hopefully this true story has helped you to understand and see why I know that I know, with out any doubt that there will be dogs in Heaven. I have it straight from God that I will see my Shannon again and I am sure I will not be alone in receiving this type of gift from God. Not because the dog earned it or we did something to deserve it but simply because God loves to give good gifts to His children that put their trust in Him, period.

I am thankful for this promise and it brings me great comfort. I hope that this will help encourage others that may be in the same situation. Since Shannon passed there have been other pets that have crossed my path that I also know I will see again sometime during the eternal here after.

Those that know me have heard me make the comparison: like to a donkey with a carrot tied out in front of him he keeps going forward, I am led on by the picture of God’s promise that a day is coming when the Lion will lay down beside the lamb and they both will eat grass.

When our client’s beloved pets die we pass on the words of comfort written below in hopes it will be an encouragement to them.

We are not alone
*For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God, and the breath of all mankind.* Job 12:10 The Living Bible.

Encouragement that we will see them again:
God created man and animals to live together in harmony and to enjoy companionship. (Genesis 1:21-26 & 2:19-20)

Animals came under the curse when man sinned, but will be freed from the curse through Christ.
(Romans 8:20-22; Colossians 1:20 and Acts 3:20)

The harmonious relationship between man and animals will be restored in the millennial kingdom. (Isaiah 11:6-9)

It is reasonable to expect that when God re-creates a new heaven and earth, that the harmonious relationship between man and animals will be no less than in the original creation or the millennial kingdom.
(Revelations 21:1, 5)

God keeps record of every animal that has ever lived.
(Luke 12:6)

The Father loves to give good gifts to his children.
(Matthew 7:12)

With Love-N-Christ, Kay