The Pet Tailor

Happy Tails Camp Resort


Because of our location in the Country, we started out offering to pick up and deliver pets that we groomed. Requests for Pick up / Delivery for Boarding pets came next.

This service is now limited

photos from the past

Area covered & Scheduling

We will make special trips upon request, please call for more information.


It is best not to feed or water your pet the morning that he or she will be traveling.

Allow them time to potty before they leave.

We do not recommend the use of drugs.

We do not pick up pets without their owners being present the first time. The pets do better when the owners hand over the pets to us personally, so they do not feel as if we are taking them away from their home.

If the owner is calm about the pet leaving with us the pet will be more at peace. When the owner is upset the pet will be upset.